How to machine embroider on wood

by Kathleen Fehr · Oct 25, 2021

I appreciate you.

This Thanksgiving, I want to take a moment to say Thank You! Thank you for all of  your support, I appreciate you all so much. In fact, I made a parody song just for you. The song is meant to be funny, but the message is real. I'm very grateful for each and everyone of you.  Thank You. XOXO, Kat

Kathleen Fehr · Nov 24, 2022

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machine embroidery

How to make the Wizard Gnome Applique candy Holder embroidery design.

Let's make this applique Gnome embroidery design for Halloween!

Kathleen Fehr · Oct 17, 2022

quilt tutorial

Our #1 tip for washing a brand new quilt

Did you receive a new quilt as a gift this holiday? Are you worried about washing it? Watch this quick video for our number one tip on washing a quilt for the first time and preserving all the amazing colors!

Kathleen Fehr · Jan 5, 2022

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How to turn a place mat into a quilted wall hanging

Are you ready for this easy quilted wall hanging tutorial!? Fall is my favorite time of year, the crisp air, the beautifully colored leaves, candy, and of course Halloween!! Every year I make myself a new small Halloween themed quilt to hang on the wall of my studio. When quilting for myself I tend to stick to smaller projects that are faster to complete so that I have more time to spend on client quilts. This year, I decided I wanted to quilt a fall or Halloween themed panel as I didn’t really have the time to piece anything. I...

Kathleen Fehr · Nov 7, 2021

sewing tutorial

How to make a Beach Wrap An easy sewing tutorial for beginners.

Let's make a beach wrap!!! I love the beach so much, but I don't necessarily want to walk from the hotel to the beach in my bathing suit and flip flops. So I created this fast and easy pattern to make a beach wrap using  chiffon fabric OR you can use two scarves!  

Kathleen Fehr · Nov 7, 2021

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sewing notions

How to apply quilt nail decals

Our nail decals are easy to apply over regular nail polish, nail dips, gels and acrylics.  To apply our nail decals:1. Paint nails white or a light color.2. Cut around your desired image as close as possible.3. Soak it in warm water for 15-30 seconds and then the white paper backing will slide right off.4. Put decal on your nail.5. Gently pat dry with towel or cloth.6, Apply quality top coat to seal and protect. ( minimum of 2 coats, re-apply every 2 days or as needed)Note: White nail polish works best but other light colors will work.Custom Made in...

Kathleen Fehr · Nov 7, 2021