Vinyl Tutorials and Vinyl Crafts

Cricut SVG diy dog treat jar project
Vinyl Tutorials and Vinyl Crafts

How to make a doggy treat jar

Learn to easily apply vinyl to a curved surface while making this doggy treat jar! This tutorial will teach you

How to create a personalized makeup bag using this SVG bundle.

This video teaches you how to cut out fabric using your scan and cut, while making a Make Up Bag!

By the end of this video you will have learned three things:
#1. How to cut fabric using your Scan and Cut.
#2. How to cut and apply Heat Transfer Vinyl

#3. How to install/sew a zipper

Vinyl weeding hack
Vinyl Tutorials and Vinyl Crafts

Vinyl Weeding Hack #2

Here is another short, but fabulous vinyl weeding hack for you all! I hope it’s as helpful to you, as