The best way to keep your pet safe using HTV.

Keeping your pet safe 

The best way to keep your pet safe is to make sure that your contact information is on their collar. Did you know you can use Heat Transfer Vinyl to put your contact information onto your pet’s collar and/or leash?  Well you can!

Vinyl Pet Collar

We recently brought our new puppy home, he’s soo adorable, and very tiny. He’s so small in fact that we are currently using a kitty collar for him.

He’s also a chewer…chewing everything in site. So I was weary of putting a hanging metal dog tag onto his collar. I was worried that it would fall off and he’d eat it. I’ve had tags fall off of the collars of my previous dogs. One of our dogs lost 3 or 4 of them during his life span. I don’t know how he did it, but every now and then he’d come running up to me and I’d notice…silence. Sure enough when I checked his collar, his tags were gone.

I have purchased a dog tag for our puppy –Nevns, but I’m going to hold off on putting it onto his collar until he’s a little bigger. But at the same time, not having my contact info on him raises my anxiety level to not fun levels.  That’s when I decided to use heat transfer vinyl to add our phone number onto his collar.

The project

The first thing I did was to put the collar on him and adjust the size properly. That way I knew exactly how much space I had to work with.  It wasn’t enough for both his name and our phone number, so I went with just the phone number for now. As he grows bigger, I’ll put his name on it as well.

Once I had measured the space, I used my software to write out our phone number, mirrored it, and cut out the Heat Transfer Vinyl using my Brother Scan N Cut. The weeding was simple, and I used heat safe tape to keep the HTV and collar in place while pressing it.

Putting a piece of parchment paper on top of it, I  used my Cricut Easy Press Mini to press the vinyl onto the collar.  It came out amazing!!!!

As he gets bigger I’m going to put the info on his new collar as well, and I’ll add the dog tag too so no matter what he’s safe. (And of course he’ll be micro-chipped as well)

I wish I had had these tools when Cali was with us, I would have put “Deaf” on her collar, and I think that would have been helpful when we met new people.

In fact, you could also put “do not pet”, ”service dog” or “support dog” onto pet collars and leashes. You can use your electronic cutting machine and HTV to put any important phrase onto the collar/leash. It’s an extra way that you can help your pet communicate with people around them.

If you’ve done this, share photos with us on our Facebook page! We love to see what our friends are creating.

Hugs – Kat  & Nevns 🙂

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