How to tie dye foam pumpkins using acrylic paint

I’ve been wanting to try something new with all of the foam pumpkins that I have, so I decided that I would paint them with acrylic paints.  But not just any kind of painting….tie dye painting.

The easiest way to do this is with an acrylic pour. 
So I bought the pour medium and some new paints and had a blast! 

It was so much fun that I decided to share with you all, just exactly how I did it. (hint – it is so super easy you won’t believe it)

Of course once I was done I had to add glitter and flowers…I can’t make a holiday decoration and NOT include glitter.  If there isn’t any glitter on the floor what will my husband complain about???

Ha ha ha just kidding, he is actually really great considering the amount of glitter trails that I usually leave around the house. Especially during the fall and winter holidays, as that is when I seem to use the most glitter.

Anyhow…watch the video, and if you make your very own tie dye foam pumpkins, please share a photo of it with me on Facebook!  If you would prefer to decorate your pumpkins using vinyl instead of paint, then check out this tutorial!


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