Longarm Quilting Services

About Me

My Mom taught me how to sew when I was a child. My love for sewing quickly expanded to include embroidery, digitizing, svg/die cutting and of course longarm quilting! Quilting is my favorite part of the process!

custom quilting


(all pricing is per square inch,  unless otherwise noted)

*All over stippling is .016 cents.

*Edge to edge designs start at .020 cents.

*Edge to Edge designs with borders start at .025 cents.

*Custom longarm quilting starts at .032 cents.

Minimum Quilting Charge is $35.00

*Thread charges – $8.00 per quilt.                   *Additional thread colors – $2.00 per color.

*Batting –   $10.00 per yard.

How to calculate pricing. If your quilt top is 60X60 and the design is .020 cents then:
60 X 60 X .018 = $72.00  (add in the batting, and thread charge for the final price)

(note: all quilts are returned untrimmed)

Preparing your Quilt

*Press your quilt top and backing.

*Clip all loose threads.

*Make sure that the quilt back is at  least 5 inches longer on EACH side.

Example: if you quilt is 50X70 then your back should be 60X80
(add 10 inches to the width and the length)

*Remove all pins and needles.


Accepting quilts by mail! Mail your quilt to me, we will discuss quilting options/patterns, pay via paypal, or credit card.

I will quilt it, send you photos, and mail it back to you.  (note: all quilts are returned untrimmed)

All quilts are treated with love while in my care.

Contact me for more information.