Top three notions and tools that I love using.

I love these sewing notions and quilting tools so much that I wanted to share them with you all. I am a gadget girl, and I have lots and lots of notions and tools. Seriously you should see my studio, I have covered half a wall with tools, and I even have more that are not hanging on the peg board. 

I will cover storage in another video as I do love to organize…so for now just trust me when I say I have lots of notions and tools. 

In this series of videos I’ll be showing you my favorite tools and notions and I hope that you find this video series helpful.  

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My family and I thank you.

Want more info on Sewing Notions

Let me know which sewing notions you would like to hear more about or see in use. Do you have a favorite notion that I haven’t mentioned? Please let me know what it is!! I’m always looking for fun new tools to try.

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