Sewing Machine Cleaning Brushes by Quilt in a Day


Sewing machine maintenance is one of the most important keys for good tension. Dust, lint and thread build up in your bobbin casing can cause tension issues. Keep your sewing machine running smoothly with these sewing machine cleaning brushes.

CSewing machine cleaning brusheslean the bobbin area of  your sewing machine with ease using these Sewing Machine Cleaning Brushes.  For only $5.00 a package you will receive 25 assorted colors of brushes.

After each use brush, you can either clean the brush and re-use it, or you can dispose of the brushes after each use.

The micro-tip on each brush gets into all the small places, and you will be amazed at how much lint comes out of the bobbin area. Each bendable brush can reach all sorts of spaces, and they also attract lint directly to the micro-tip.

These brushes will even pull out small pieces of thread, and they work great on computer keyboards!  The amazing micro-tip is perfect for cleaning small crevasses and it even gets the dust out of the vents and other small spots in your car!!

To see theses fantastic brushes in action, watch my video on YouTube:

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