Ski and Snowboard Nail Decals


ski nail decalsSki and Snowboarding nail decals! 36 decals in each package, including ski, snowboarding, snowflakes, chair lifts and goggles!

Easy to apply, be the envy of your friends on the mountain this winter!

Click HERE to watch our video on how to apply the nail decals.

These  nail decals are easy to apply over regular nail polish, nail dips, gels and acrylics.

The directions are included or you can watch our video on how to apply them!

To apply our nail decals:
1. Paint nails white or a light color.
2. Cut around your desired image as close as possible.
3. Soak it in warm water for 15-30 seconds and then the white paper backing will slide right off.
4. Put decal on your nail.
5. Gently pat dry with towel or cloth.
6, Apply quality top coat to seal and protect. ( minimum of 2 coats, re-apply every 2 days or as needed)

Note: White nail polish works best but other light colors will work.

Custom Made in USA, by me!

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Winter Sports Themed Nail Decals

36 quilt decals, for $5.00

Easy to apply, directions included.


Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions .25 × .25 × .25 in

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