Keep your fingers safe with these rotary cutter tips

Rotary cutters are a fantastic tool that will make your projects easier. Using rotary cutters to cut fabric is a lot faster and much more accurate than scissors. But they are super sharp, and can be dangerous if not used correctly. Rotary cutter safety is important so that you do not hurt yourself and accidently cut your fingers or your palm.

Watch this video for my tips, so that you can use your rotary cutter with confidence and ease.

Other safety tips

What other safety tips would you like more information on? Are there certain techniques or projects that you would like tips and hack for? If so then let me know! I want to hear from you, so that I can be sure to share information that you guys want, and find useful.

I love teaching, and since most events are still shut down right now because of the pandemic, then this blog and my YouTube videos are going to be a great way to me to share new and fun information with you all. Please contact me if there is something specific you would like to learn more about and I’ll do my best to get a new tutorial up as soon as possible.

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