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Oct 26, 2021

How to choose the best Machine Embroidery Bobbin Thread

Machine embroidery thread is typically polyester and 60-90 weight. The higher the weight number, the thinner the tread.

When you are doing machine embroidery you do not match the color of the bobbin thread to the top thread. In fact most bobbin threads only come in white or black. Unlike sewing or quilting the bobbin thread is not pulled up to the top, it’s actually unbalanced on purpose.

By using a bobbin thread that is thinner than than your top thread, (most embroidery threads are 40 weight) it creates an “imbalance” in the weight, which means more of the top thread is pulled to the back (wrong side of the design) insuring that the bobbin thread does not show up on the top (right side) of the design. Which is why it’s mostly sold in only white or black. There really isn’t a need for any other colors as you don’t see it when looking at the top of the finished design.

For crafters who are new to machine embroidery it can be a bit scary when you flip over your finished design and see so much of the top thread on the back…but don’t worry, it is supposed to be that way. You have not done anything wrong.

How to choose the best bobbin thread

When it comes to choosing which bobbin thread to purchase – honestly the best advice I can give you is to read your manual. Start with the brand and weight that your manual recommends and then you can always test out other weights and brands if you want.

embroidery machine manual

My embroidery machine is a Brother machine, and I have found that it works best with Brother bobbin thread (I use 60 weight bobbin thread). I’ve tried other brands and it’s always resulted in a poorly stitched out design with a mess on the back…with lots of thread nests. None of us want that!

Which I why I always suggest starting with the weight and brand recommended in your manual and once you get comfortable with machine embroidery you can try other brands.

If you have questions regarding thread, email me…and I’ll get back to you. It might take me a couple of days, but I will respond