Sewing and Embroidery Tutorials

Dec 27, 2022

How to make an up-cycled pin cushion ring

Learn how to make an up-cycled pin cushion ring using a soda bottle cap.

Supplies Needed:
*soda bottle cap
*1/4” wide elastic (min 8” but a longer piece makes it easier to tie the
*4 1/2” X 4 1/2” inch square piece of fabric
*coordinating ribbon long enough to wrap around the cap
*polyester fiber fill (enough to fill the fabric)
*hot glue gun & glue
*needle and thread

Step 1: Drill two holes through the bottle cap, and thread the elastic through
the holes. Adjust the elastic so that it will fit around your finger as a ring.

Tie the ends of the elastic into knots inside the bottle cap. Cut the ends
of the elastic (above the knots) so that they fit inside the bottle cap.

photos of soda bottle cap with holes drilled in it on a white background

Step 2: Leaving a thread tail at the beginning and the end, hand sew a basting stitch around the edges of the fabric square.

Fill the square with polyester fiber fill, and then pull on the thread tails, gathering up the fabric into a ball. Hand-sew the opening closed so that you have a mushroom-shaped ball of fabric filled with polyester fiber fill.

Step 3: Fill the inside of the cap with hot glue from the glue gun. Fit the mushroom-ball of fabric into the cap. Using the hot glue gun, glue a piece of coordinating ribbon around the edges of the soda cap. Add pins & enjoy!

Completed pin cushion ring on a white background

TIP: You can also user a larger cap from a sports drink to make the wrist bracelet version. You would need more elastic and the fabric square would need to be 8 1/2” X 8 1/2”. The rest of the steps are the same