Sewing and Embroidery Tutorials

Sep 20, 2021

Top Three Notions And Tools That I Love Using

I love these sewing notions and quilting tools so much that I wanted to share them with you all. I am a gadget girl, and I have lots and lots of notions and tools.

Seriously you should see my studio, I have covered half a wall with tools, and I even have more that are not hanging on the peg board. 

I will cover storage in another video as I do love to organize…so for now just trust me when I say I have lots of notions and tools. 

In this series of videos I’ll be showing you my favorite tools and notions and I hope that you find this video series helpful.  

Want more info on Sewing Notions

Let me know which sewing notions you would like to hear more about or see in use. Do you have a favorite notion that I haven’t mentioned? Please let me know what it is!! I’m always looking for fun new tools to try.

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