Calico Cali Designs

Dog embroidery design bundle

puppy embroidery design
puppy embroidery design bull dog embroidery design dog bone embroidery design Dog embroidery design dog house embroidery design dog collar embroidery design dog dish embroidery design tennis ball embroidery design Woof applique embroidery design Dog commands embroidery design Husky dog embroidery design Terrier dog embroidery design hunting dog embroidery design Weiner dog embroidery design St. Bernard dog embroidery design Dalmation dog embroidery design Grayhound dog embroidery design Sheppard dog embroidery design Dog embroidery designs

Calico Cali Designs

Dog embroidery design bundle

There are a variety of dog breeds represented in this embroidery collection. Use them to embellish the perfect gift for your dog loving friends! Or stitch them out on a bandana for your dog to wear.

The machine embroidery designs fit in a 4X4 hoop will be downloaded in a zip file.  
File Formats included are: PES, XXX, PCS, SEW, EMD, HUS, JEF, VIP, VP3, EXP, DST.

Design sizes are as follows:

CCD0273 dog collar embroidery design: 3.17" wide X 2.58" tall

CCD0276 Woof applique embroidery design: 3.78" wide X 2.09" tall

CCD0272 Dog house embroidery design: 3.02" wide X 2.53" tall

CCD0282 St. Bernard dog embroidery design: 2.15" wide X 3.75" tall

CCD0151 Puppy embroidery design: 2.58" wide X 3.44" tall

CCD0152 Bull dog embroidery design: 3.58" wide X 2.74" tall

CCD0279 Terrier dog embroidery design: 3.80" wide X 3.07" tall

CCD0277 Sit Stay Heel commands embroidery design: 3.75" wide X 2.84" tall

CCD0270 dog bone embossed with "woof" embroidery design: 3.48" wide X 1.39" tall

CCD0285 Sheppard dog embroidery design: 3.80" wide X 2.73" tall

CCD0284 Greyhound dog embroidery design: 3.71" wide X 3.75" tall

CCD0283 Dalmatian dog embroidery design: 1.83" wide X 3.74" tall

CCD0274 Dog dish embossed with "woof" embroidery design: 3.70" wide X 3.22" tall

CCD0271 Dog with paw for the "o" embroidery design: 3.75" wide X 1.48" tall

CCD0275 Bouncing Tennis ball embroidery design: 3.85" wide X 2.29" tall

CCD0280 Pointer dog embroidery design: 3.75" wide X 2.79" tall

CCD0278 Husky dog embroidery design: 3.15" tall X 3.82" wide

CCD0281 Wiener dog embroidery design: 3.67" wide X 2.37" tall


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